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Portable Electric Coffee Grinder

Portable Electric Coffee Grinder

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Enjoy freshly ground coffee anytime, anywhere with this Portable Electric Coffee Grinder. Its electric operation makes grinding coffee beans quick and easy. An adjustable grind selector also ensures you can customize your preferred grind size. Get the perfect cup of freshly ground coffee anytime with this grinder.

Large Battery Capacity: holds up to 1250mAh of battery, meaning that once fully charged, it can be used 15+ times.
Free Control Of Thickness: Adjustable coarseness, the finest can grind 30 mesh (>90%) of coffee powder
Large Capacity: It can grind about 25g of coffee beans at once
Ceramic Grinding Core: Reduces the likelihood of overheating, flavor loss, and odors produced by extraction. This core also helps to maintain the flavor of the coffee beans.
Easy to Operate: One button to open and close, grinding will automatically stop when there are no coffee beans, suitable for most people to use.
Portable: This product weighs 400 grams, which means it is extremely light and convenient for travel.
Convenient: Both the bean and powder bins are washable in the dishwasher


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