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EasyJar Open

EasyJar Open

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Introducing our innovative Automatic Jar Opener, EasyJar Open, designed to make your life in the kitchen easier than ever.

Effortlessly open jars of any size with a simple touch of the button. The intuitive green button allows for smooth operation, enabling you to start and stop the process as needed. Cleaning is a breeze, ensuring convenience after each use.

Compact and portable, this jar opener is your on-the-go kitchen companion. Its small size allows for easy handling and storage. Simply position it onto the jar, press the button, and watch it effortlessly do the work for you.

With its sleek and practical design, our opener adds style to functionality. The adjustable gear opening adapts to your preferences, while the smooth-edged finish ensures safety and ease of use.

Crafted from high-quality ABS, our innovative side-cutting system guarantees the removal of any jar's top, leaving behind a smooth, resealable lid for added convenience and freshness. 

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